We offer a range of Car & Truck Gadgets & Gear for a better mobile experience from;

Rear View Backup Camera’s

  • Aftermarket Rear-view Camera
  • Automatically switches to Rear-view when car is in Reverse mode
  • Plug & Play Installation

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • 2.1 Bluetooth Compliant
  • Allows calls to be heard through the factory car speakers.
  • Allows user to answer and end calls using the existing radio and steering wheel controls.
  • Allows user to make calls using voice dialing feature.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) announces caller’s name or number.
  • DSP and Echo-Cancellation allows for clear conversations on both sides of the phone call.

Navigation Units

  • Find your destination with ease with a wide range of GPS / Navigation units + Professional installation from Mototronics

Heated Seats

  • Drive in comfort and warmth.  We install aftermarket products for almost all makes and models.